Where are Cohiba cigars from?  

Cohiba, a name synonymous with cigars, originates from Cuba. The term 'Cohiba' in the ancient Taino language translates to 'tobacco'. The brand's roots trace back to the time post the Cuban Revolution, when a local cigar roller caught the attention of Fidel Castro with his unique blend. This led to the establishment of the renowned El Laguito Factory, where Cohiba cigars continue to be crafted. 

Cohiba cigars price  

Cohiba cigars typically range from $30 to $1,200 per cigar in Australia, depending on the specific product and its rarity. Factors such as origin, craftsmanship, and tobacco quality are crucial in determining these prices. While our online selection showcases a variety, our physical store in Sydney offers an even broader range.  

How to spot a fake Cohiba?  

Counterfeit Cohiba cigars are unfortunately common due to the brand's prestige. Authenticity can be verified by examining the band. Look for a smaller head within the larger holographic Taino Indian head. Ensure the word 'Cuba' and the Cohiba logo are repeated on the band's upper/lower border. However, Cohiba's labels have evolved, so it's essential to stay updated on the latest designs. 

Where to buy Cohiba Cigars in Australia?  

For those in Australia seeking genuine Cohiba cigars, Double Bay Cigar is your trusted Cigar Shop in Sydney. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse range, all maintained at a consistent humidity level of 65-70% and a temperature range of 19-21 degrees Celsius. Visit us today and explore our collection. Explore our Cohiba Collection Now! 

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