What are Cuban cigars?  

Cuban cigars, also known as Habanos, originate from Cuba and are recognised globally. These cigars are crafted from specific tobacco leaves found in distinct Cuban regions, offering a unique aroma and experience. Brands like Cohiba, Montecristo, and Partagás are notable in this realm. At Double Bay Cigars, we emphasise top-notch service quality and maintain our cigars in an environment with a consistent humidity level of 65-70% and a temperature range of 19-21°C. 

Are Cuban cigars illegal in Australia?  

In Australia, Cuban cigars are legal. However, their sale and promotion are governed by strict regulations. It's paramount to purchase them from reputable sources, ensuring adherence to Australian laws. At Double Bay Cigar, we prioritise authenticity, ensuring our customers receive genuine products while abiding by all regulatory standards. 

How much do Cuban cigars cost?  

The pricing of Cuban cigars typically falls between $30 and $1,200, influenced by various factors such as brand, size, and age. Renowned brands like Cohiba also have around the same range, while Montecristo cigars can be priced between $40 and $180. Factors like limited editions, craftsmanship, and rarity can further affect the price. For the most accurate and competitive rates, it's best to consult trusted retailers like Double Bay Cigar, which offers a diverse selection to suit various tastes and budgets. 

How to spot fake Cuban cigars? 

 Identifying genuine Cuban cigars requires keen attention to detail: 

  • Seal Inspection: Authentic cigars come with a distinct Habanos seal. 
  • Band Examination: Genuine pieces have intricately detailed, embossed bands. 
  • Construction Assessment: Authenticity is evident in their consistent, smooth texture. 
  • Box Verification: Genuine Cuban cigar boxes feature specific markings and details. 
  • Source Verification: It's crucial to purchase only from known, reputable retailers. Double Bay Cigar ensures every cigar's authenticity, providing customers with peace of mind. 

Where to buy Cuban cigars in Australia?  

To buy Cuban cigars in Australia, choose Double Bay Cigars. We're committed to authenticity, quality and optimal product care. Browse our cuban cigar collection today. 

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